Asset Management Services

Investment Advisory

A Registered Investment Advisor, Beech Hill Advisors acts as discretionary asset managers. New clients are assigned a portfolio manager who reviews the specific investment objectives and financial needs of the client and then implements a customized investment strategy. The strategy and its underlying goals are revisited regularly with our clients. A committee of investment experts meets weekly to discuss current and potential investment positions. Clients pay annual fees based on assets under management.

Financial and Estate Planning

We offer comprehensive, annual financial planning to all our current and prospective clients. We collaborate closely with our clients’ accountants and attorneys and manage accounts with an eye on tax efficiency and estate-planning goals. In our daily business, we work with the some of the finest business managers; family office managers, consultants and accountants; and corporate, tax, and trust and estate attorneys in the country. We are happy to refer our clients to them.

Mutual Fund

BHA’s open-end fund seeks maximum total return from income and capital appreciation. The fund invests primarily in equity securities, fixed-income securities, and cash equivalents.

Brokerage Services

BHA executes trades through our affiliate, Beech Hill Securities, Inc., a registered Broker Dealer. While we do offer both private client and institutional brokerage services, private client brokerage transactions are not deeply discounted.

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